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Every user who visits and registers himself to post classifieds and use for replying to posts, confirm and declare that the user shall not post or list or give information or details in relation to sale or purchase of goods and / or services which are not legal and / or prohibited by the laws of the countries given below in the list while posting classifieds in the respective countries. The list of countries given below may change subject policy or policies taken by

The country list

Sri Lanka
United Arab Emirates
United Kingdom
United States
Vietnam has its own privacy policy applicable to its users based on the information provided by the users of and how the information is collected, stored, protected, used and removed.Whenever there is a change in the privacy policy of and such change will be updated in the The users are requested to check the Privacy Policy of by visiting it.

We provide further information on collection, storage and uses of the information collected from the users of

1. Every user who wants to post a classified is required to open an account with by giving his or her name and email address. We also have provided space for phone number and it is optional for the user to give it or not. It is totally at the descretion of the user to give his or her phone number. do not share the email address and the phone number of the user with any marketing companies or any except with law enforcement authorities who give a requirement for a legal process.

2. The payment to is collected through a payment gateway and do not store any credit card information, that the users enter for making the payment.

3. do not have any refund policy and this may be subject to change by

4. It is the sole descretion of the users to give their personal information in is not responsible for the usage of personal information of the users by other users, which was given by them at their own descretion. The users are bereby suggested not to post any personal information on which is expected to be kept private.

5. The usage records are collected for statistics purposes only.

6. The banner advertisements posted in are from the advertisement networks in which is an affiliate and / or from individual advertisers and or businesses who seek advertisement for their product and / or services.

7. do not have any affiliated sites to share or make available of the postings made by the users. At this time do not archive any postings by users apart from the time such posts remain in Once the posts have expired its time limit for remaining as posts, such posts will be deleted from the storage of

8. propose to have the postings for a minimum period of 30 days and it is the descretion of to hold it for more than 30 days to any number of days as per the policies taken at time to time. The user has the descretion to remove his or her post anytime from the time of posting. do not have any restriction on users descretion.

9. may disclose the information provided by the user such as login details, email id given, posts or other such information which is with at the request or as per the requirement of any law enforcing authority or multiple authorities, courts and or in any legal process.

10. The web servers used by are in United States of America and by visiting our website and usage either by replying to posts or classifieds or posting of classifieds in or any other usage by visiting, the user hereby agrees and acknowledge that the data collected in the due course of the relationship with for any such mentioned above, gives his or her consent on collection, storage and removal of such data as per the policies of

11. By agreeing to the privacy policies of, users agree and acknowledge that they will abide the policies given in this policy statement and they are responsible for any or all illegal statements, details or such information provided by them in their postings, replies to postings, comments or any other usage with regard to